Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cuomo Laying off Union Workers. Economic Boycott!

MoneyCuomo is a manipulative, self-aggrandizing bully who failed to negotiate in good faith with the Unions.  Now he's going to start firing people!

PEF has released details of the one and only contract proposal Cuomo brought to, what can laughingly be referred to as, "negotiaions".  If you click the link, you will also see the concessions PEF provided the Governor.  Concessions which would be unpopular with their membership but would meet the Governor's Koch-backed goals.  However, it would save Union jobs.  Cuomo does not want to save Union jobs!  You will also note that Cuomo has not negotiated and has insisted on forcing PEF to take his extreme, Union-breaking contract.  While I haven't seen anything yet, I suspect CSEA was presented a similar "deal".

I applaud PEF for publishing their information.  I have been critical of the closed-door contract negotiations.  It's about time people saw just how Andrew Cuomo treats Civil Servants.  Weinergate?  Forget that nonsense.  Andrew Cuomo is the biggest prick around.

Cuomo is not for the working families of New York.  This man's political career must end with the next election for Governor if not sooner.  Personally, I'm waiting to see where the shoe drops with his personal life or his cozy, cozy connections with lobbyists and corporations.  This man's giving away the farm and there is probably something distinctly unethical or illegal behind it.  I suggest people start looking around and submitting FOIL requests for information related to emails to and from Cuomo to people like the Kochs.

What to do?

Starting tomorrow, I will be boycotting any financial purchase or transaction which I do not NEED to undertake.  I will not be eating in restaurants.  I will not be going to movie theaters, and I certainly won't be spending money on things like car washes, new cars, televisions, or other bullshit the Capital District needs to maintain its economy.  If they are going to lay off State Employees, I say let's show them what it will be like.

I urge you to join me.  If you want to start out small, I suggest stopping all business with restaurants -- especially those located in Albany, Troy, or Schenectady.  This action can be as simple as just brown bagging your lunch.  The point is to withdraw the financial input we Union members have been providing to the area -- and, thereby, lowering the unemployment rate.  As we take our money away....well, it doesn't take a genius to figure out there will be a ripple effect. 

Don't live in the Capital Region?  Doesn't really matter where you live.  Save your money.  Don't give it to anyone you don't have to.  Brown bag your lunch and put off all unnecessary purchases.  Regardless of where you live, the economic effect will be felt.  Besides, if you are a tax-paying State Employee, you may need that money after Cuomo fires you.

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ndru_virus said...

while i like the idea of some sort of economic boycott, if you brown bag your lunch, then you're still patronizing local businesses (in the form of grocery stores) in order to do so.

personally, i'd rather keep small local restaurants afloat than larger corporate entities (price chopper, walmart, sam's club, bj's, hannaford, etc.) who are far more likely to donate significant sums of money to cuomo's campaign than the indian buffet up the street.