Sunday, February 27, 2011

Andrew Cuomo's Koch Problem

I was handed the flyer below by a student at yesterday's rally in support of Wisconsin Public Employees and Worker's Rights by a student.  I foolishly forgot to ask his name so that he could get proper attribution for his work.  However, he did some leg work I was planning on doing and, low and behold, he found what I expected would be the case -- Andrew Cuomo has a Koch habit.

As you can see in the pdf below, Cuomo has accepted $92,000 from the Kochs -- yes those Kochs who are working as hard as possible to eliminate the Human Right of Collective Bargaining in Wisconsin, Ohio, Illinios, and New Jersey.  The very same people, so addicted to greed that they feel entitled to trample on the lower and middle classes in their quest to acquire more.

Cuomo's Koch Problem

In case you were wondering if this was faked, I went and checked it out myself.  Granted, the first time I did it was the really dumb, hard way of scrolling through names (I didn't see the link for the search page!).  As this student demonstrates, there is an easier way.  You can check for yourself by going to the New York State Campaign Financial Disclosure Database's Search Page and entering the search criteria he outlined above (Andrew Cuomo 2014, Inc.; 1/1/2009 to 1/1/2011; donations from $1 to $100000).  If you want to skip entering everything online, you would get this page.  Then, just hit <alt>F in your browser to find text and enter "Koch".  You can see for yourself.

If the student who distributed this flyer reads this post, contact me if you want me to give you appropriate credit.


unamurkel said...

Excellent! I just heard about Koch products like Brawny on WWRL (1600 AM) this morning, then found this Facebook page with all the products to boycott:!/pages/List-of-Koch-Brothers-products/139983639399139

and thus your link. I'm a New Yorker. There's an action planned for April 4th?

One of Many said...

There are somethings going on in the Capitol District:

The New York events can be seen here: